LAN Connectivity@Home 2: Wireless hops

After the failed attempt to distribute Internet connectivity trough Powerline LAN I moved back to wireless. The plan was to use wireless some sort of an wireless repeater. A decently priced device for this purpose is the Netgear WNDR3000.

This thing needs power and some space to hang around, that’s it.

Setup and Configuration
To configure the device attach a PC or Notebook to the repeaters ethernet port and ensure you have static IP configured which matches the default ip network of the repeater (192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x). Now accessing the repeater should be an easy thing.

The first thing I recommend to do is to set the repeaters ip address to a free static ip within your network.

Second use the the repeaters Site Survey feature to link it to your wlan. Give the repeater’s wlan some name e.g. your current wlan name plus an appendix like _ext

That’s it – after I did what I just wrote the repeater was up, linked and running.

I had a Zyxel NWD2205 wlan stick lying around and used this one to hook up a PC to the repeates wlan. Nothing special to mention here it also just worked.

Test and Operation
22Mbps was what I achieved. This is not extremly fast but it turned out to be stable and constant in performance.
The downside I came across with this setup was rooted in usb wlan adapter. This tiny thing and its driver seems to be the weak spot in the chain. Once the driver just refused to start and the stick attached to the back of the PC is not optimally positioned respectively shielded by the PC itself.

While the link performance is not amazingly fast I still was surprised that I got this throughput hopping across two wlan nodes.
This setup is also not too expensive and far cheaper than the Powerline thing.
I thnk with some improvements on the client side, namely the usb wlan adapter further improvements can be achieved.

Stay tuned….

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