LedStripShow on an Arduino

LedStripShow on an Arduino

In the last couple of weeks a found myself back into Arduino tinkering.

Inspired by all the LED lightning  applications (e.g. http://pixelinvaders.ch/?page_id=396)  I started to built my own LED Strip Controller based on a Ledstrip with WS2801 from SparkFun (e.g. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10312)

The first implementation was up and running within in a hour using an Arduino UNO. While it looked good the code was messy inflexible, ….bla bla bla

Well then – I spend time to structure the code, build some useful libraries and got something which looks decent, is well crafted (for an hobbyist) and looks even better.

As mentioned the Arduino sketch runs on a Arduino UNO but also runs fine on an Arduino Mini Pro 5V driving up to 160 RGB LEDs!

The code including the required librares and references for the project can be found here: https://github.com/xconnected

Build instructions can be found here

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