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LedStripShow on an Arduino

LedStripShow on an Arduino

In the last couple of weeks a found myself back into Arduino tinkering. Inspired by all the LED lightning  applications (e.g.  I started to built my own LED Strip Controller based on a Ledstrip with WS2801 from SparkFun (e.g. The first implementation was up and running within in a hour using an Arduino UNO. … Continue reading LedStripShow on an Arduino

LAN Connectivity@Home 2: Wireless hops

Introduction After the failed attempt to distribute Internet connectivity trough Powerline LAN I moved back to wireless. The plan was to use wireless some sort of an wireless repeater. A decently priced device for this purpose is the Netgear WNDR3000. Installation This thing needs power and some space to hang around, that's it. Setup and … Continue reading LAN Connectivity@Home 2: Wireless hops

LAN Connectivity@Home 1: Powerline Technology

Introduction Recently I faced the challenge to distribute Internet connectivity across a newly build apartment. Generally this is an easy task: fire up a wlan router and go. Suprisingly this didn't work as expected. After a couple of meters the signal dropped to nearly zero and the link was fluctuating. This was a surprise since the … Continue reading LAN Connectivity@Home 1: Powerline Technology